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Septic Disposal Permitting System

Privacy Impact Assessment #: HSS-PIA-2021-01
Public Body Name : Health and Social Services
Date of Approval: Tuesday, March 23, 2021

The purpose of this project is, to enable the public, the ability to apply on-line for septic permits as well as the ability to view septic permit information. Environmental Health Services (EHS) is responsible for the regulatory process for the issuances of Permits to Install Sewage Disposal Systems in Yukon Territory. An approved Sewage Disposal System is required for all decentralized waste disposal systems, these systems serve all buildings that are not connected to community waste collection infrastructure.

EHS is implementing a new electronic information system, the “Sewage Disposal Permitting System (SDPS)”, which includes functionalities such as receiving applications, managing files, conducting assessments, managing correspondence, issuing permits, collecting fees, recording decision outcomes and monitoring. The system will replace an existing MS Excel and paper based system. Once implemented the system will allow installers and homeowners to submit applications for sewage disposal permits online (the name “portal” will be used to describe this online interface) and will be able to receive the required documentation and payments from applicants. The system will also allow EHS staff to manage the application, assessment, correspondence, and authorization information for the applicants. The contract for development of the SDPS has been awarded, and the software application is named Amanda, the vendor being Calytera. Meraki IT Group is a software company which is working on the customization and implementation of Amanda.

There will be an internal EHS component of SDPS, for use by EHS employees, as well as a public-facing component (portal), for use by applicants and permit holders. Access to the System will be very limited within Yukon Government (YG). Only a handful of users will have access, including eight (8) EHOs (Environmental Health Officers), two (2) EHS Administrators and the EHS Manager. The vendor (Calytera and Meraki IT) and ICT (Information and Communications Technology) will also have system support access. EHOs, EHS Administrators and EHS Manager are all employees of Environmental Health Services and Health and Social Services. EHOs are called “Health Officers” in the legislation, the term EHO and Health officer are equivalent. SDPS will be housed entirely within the YG infrastructure at the data centre managed by ICT, Highway and Public Works (HPW). Public users will access the system through a secure portal located in the demilitarized zone (DMZ).

Independent Legal Advice

Privacy Impact Assessment #: JUS-PIA-2021-01
Public Body Name : Justice
Date of Approval: Wednesday, March 17, 2021

The Victim Services Branch, Department of Justice provides services for victims of crime. The branch maintains a staff of approximately 18 people and is committed to delivering culturally appropriate and trauma-informed services.
The Independent Legal Advice (ILA) Project provides victims of intimate partner violence and/or sexualized violence with free legal advice and information.
The ILA project is managed by the Victim Services Branch and is for survivors of sexualized violence or intimate partner violence who want to explore their legal options. There is no requirement that an incident be reported to the police. Survivors can access the program at any time whether the incident took place recently, a few weeks or months ago, or if the case is historical The Independent Legal Advice Project is funded through an agreement with the Government of Canada. The project began providing service on May 7, 2020 and is scheduled to end on March 31, 2021. The project will be evaluated to determine if it met the objectives. Victim Services has submitted a proposal to the federal government for an additional five years of funding (2021- 2026).

Societies Legislation

Privacy Impact Assessment #: CS-PIA-2021-01
Public Body Name : Community Services
Date of Approval: Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The existing societies legislation is outdated. It is being modernized and replaced by a completely new statute and regulations. The new societies legislation will align with modern regulatory approaches in Canada. It will also provide societies with greater accountability and
increased ability to manage their own affairs, by providing clear direction on requirements, duties, and obligations.

The Corporate Statutes Amendment Act, received assent in Dec 2020, amended the new 2018 Societies Act, along with the new regulations, is hoped to be proclaimed on Feb 15, 2021.

Licensing, Inspections and Permitting System (LIPS)

Privacy Impact Assessment #: YLC-PIA-2021-01
Public Body Name : Yukon Liquor Corporation
Date of Approval: Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Yukon Liquor Corporation (YLC) is designated as the distributor corporation for cannabis in the Yukon pursuant to the "Cannabis Control and Regulation Act", and as the distributor corporation for liquor in the Yukon pursuant to the "Liquor Act". YLC is therefore responsible for the collection of information related to cannabis and liquor license and permit applications, to provide to the Cannabis Licensing Board at the Liquor Licensing Board ("the Boards") for decision-making.

The Regulatory Service branch within YLC prepares analyses of applications for the review of the Boards, administers all aspects of licensing services, and enforces the Cannabis Control and Regulation Act, Liquor Act, and their regulations. YG is in the process of designing and implementing a new "licensing, inspections and permitting system" (LIPS or the "System") for YLC. LIPS includes the functionalities of receiving applications, managing files, conducting assessments, conducting consultations, managing correspondence, issuing licenses and permits, collecting fees, and monitoring enforcement.

The contract for development of LIPS has been awarded, and the software application is named Amanda, the vendor being Calytera. The proposed system will replace the current MS Access and paper-based system. The proposed system once implemented will allow businesses to submit applications for liquor and cannabis licenses and permits online and to receive the required documentation and payments from the businesses. This will allow for increased efficiency, accuracy and information security for the licensing and permitting processes within YLC.

YLC users will manage the application, assessment, correspondence, and authorization information for the businesses that apply. Migration of data from the existing MS Access and paper-based system to the new system will be completed once LIPS is operational. After migration occurs, the current MS Access and paper-based system will be decommissioned.

Archives Digital Transfer Tool

Privacy Impact Assessment #: TC-PIA-2021-01
Public Body Name : Tourism and Culture
Date of Approval: Tuesday, January 19, 2021

This project is to start a new service to expand the disposition process to include transfer of digital public records from public bodies to Yukon Archives.

The Yukon Archives is mandated under the Archives Act to acquire and give appropriate access to public records in all formats. The Archives, Records Centre and Departmental Records Officers have well established procedures for transfer of public records. However, currently only analogue records (paper, video and audio tapes, etc.) are being transferred because the Archives does not have the ability to securely transfer digital records.

Methods such as Secure File Transfer (SFT) or using digital carriers such as external hard drives do exist but are undesirable and are not used. For example, SFT limits the size of transfers and strips metadata, lessening the authenticity of the records. Digital carriers introduce unnecessary risk as they remove records from the secure YG environment and can be easily misplaced. Metadata is also changed when using this method and workarounds (such as digital forensic techniques) are complicated and resource heavy.

At the last government transition in 2016 there was attempt to transfer digital records from the Executive Council Office to the Archives through the use of a shared folder. This did not proceed and only analogue records were transferred at that time. In January 2020, Yukon Archives hired a new Digital Archivist. One of their priorities is to work with Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to develop a secure method to transfer digital records. The Digital Archivist has been working closely with Govern Records Archivists to review, and adapt if necessary, the disposition and transfer process to better include digital records.

Yukon Road Trip Application

Privacy Impact Assessment #: TC-PIA-2021-02
Public Body Name : Tourism and Culture
Date of Approval: Wednesday, January 13, 2021

The recommendation for creating a stand-alone mobile application emerged from the Digital Media Plan for Historic Sites (2015). The development of The Yukon Road Trip Mobile Application ("Road Trip Application") follows a one-government approach by merging information held by different departments into a digital product to meet public user needs.
The purpose of this project is to create a bilingual (English/French) mobile application that provides information regarding the amenities available at highway accessible campgrounds, cultural and historical points of interest, and wildlife viewing opportunities throughout the Yukon territory. The target audience is "travellers within Yukon" - both tourists and Yukon residents. The Yukon Road Trip Application will be evaluated after one year to gauge reach and effectiveness. Format and content changes may be undertaken following this evaluation.
There are 278 highway accessible sites provided in the Road Trip Application. The Government of Yukon departments of Tourism and Culture, and Environment have published public information stored on the Yukon.ca website. The Road Trip Application will be available for download via Google Play for Android devices and the Apple App store for Apple/iOS devices.
This is a cross-departmental project team with representatives from the departments of Highways and Public Works ICT e-Services, Environment's Wildlife Viewing Program and Yukon Parks, and Tourism and Culture's Historic Sites Unit. Public launch date is estimated for the winter of 2021.
Once launched, the Road Trip Application will be available to the public for the foreseeable future.
The Road Trip Application will be launched in three phases:
1. Restricted Private Beta - App will be available for internal review by selected Yukon government employees. February 2019 (complete)
2. Unrestricted Private Beta - App will be available for review by both selected Yukon government employees and members of the general public. Targeted user testing will be conducted during this phase. March 2020 (complete)
3. App Store Launch - Application will be available to the public to download from the Apple iOS app store or Android Google Play Store. Winter 2021.


Privacy Impact Assessment #: TC-PIA-2020-01
Public Body Name : Tourism and Culture
Date of Approval: Monday, October 26, 2020

The project will see the implementation of a web-based, open-source collections management system called CollectiveAccess (CA) to replace the existing proprietary system used by Yukon museums and First Nation cultural centres as a tool to manage and document their collections. CA is highly customizable and allows for the cataloguing of a variety of collection types, objects, art, archival material, and specimens held in Yukon institutions. CA allows users to create and describe relationships between different record types and construct hierarchical relationships for collections using commonly accepted museum and archival standards. Amongst its many features, CA has nuanced search and browse tools, customized reporting tools, mapping tools for geo-referencing, batch edit and import capabilities and granular access control to specific fields or records by type (controlled by user or group) to enable users to catalogue their collections more effectively ad consistently.

Exploring Yukon History Outreach Webpage

Privacy Impact Assessment #: TC-PIA-2020-02
Public Body Name : Tourism and Culture
Date of Approval: Monday, October 26, 2020

"Exploring Yukon History and Culture" is a government of Yukon outreach project that will be published as a Yukon.ca campaign page. It has a simple one page format.

The development of a web-based outreach activity emerged from the current circumstances where interpretation at Yukon Historic sites has been physically limited by the restraints of COVID 19 and many students are now relying on web-based information. The outreach project is meant to inform children and youth about Yukon history and culture in an interesting and involving format. The campaign page is a limited project designed for the current circumstances, but if it is successful as an outreach project it would remain active for up to five years, at which time it will be reassessed.

The web page will have three sections: colouring pages and activities presented as themed panels, links to booklets and posters published by governments and Yukon heritage societies, and videos related to Yukon history and culture.

Infor FMS Masterpiece 4.0

Privacy Impact Assessment #: FIN-PIA-2020-01
Public Body Name : Finance
Date of Approval: Monday, July 27, 2020

The Corporate Financial Systems (CFS) are operated and maintained by the Department of Finance. CFS includes a wide range of systems and applications that support the ongoing financial operations of the government. These systems and applications are crucial to the operation of the government as they allow for the ordering of goods and services, payment of vendors, receipt and processing of payments to the government, as well as, facilitate the production of the Public Accounts each year. The CFS are a tool by which the Department of Finance meets its obligation under the Financial Administration Act to be stewards of public funds.

The Department of Finance is looking to upgrade and modernize the applications, programs, systems, and infrastructure for the Government of Yukon's main financial system. The project has been undertaken in order to eliminate the current risk associated with obsolete and non-supported hardware and software. At present, there are a number of components within the corporate financial systems which present a significant risk to the on-going operation of the CFS critical systems. Hence, considering the presence of clear risk to ongoing financial operations, the Department of Finance has embarked on the project that focuses mainly on upgrading of the Infor FMS Masterpiece version 3.0 to 4.0.

Water Wells Registry

Privacy Impact Assessment #: ENV-PIA-2020-01
Public Body Name : Environment
Date of Approval: Thursday, February 20, 2020

Tracking and monitoring water wells is part of the mandate for the Department of Environment. The Water Resources Branch (WRB) administers the ‘Yukon Water Well Registry’ (YWWR), which is a collection of forms that are created at the time of drilling a groundwater well. These forms contain information on construction details (i.e. depth and diameter of well, etc.) and subsurface conditions (geology, depth to water, etc.) of a well. Some of the forms also contain information used for administrative purposes or to locate the well.

The driver of the current project was the Yukon Water Strategy and Action Plan (2014) which called to “enhance the centralized groundwater database and make it available through YukonWater.ca”. The action plan notes that at present, there is no legislation in place requiring licensing or permitting of water well drilling, but that the government undertakes groundwater protection through the Waters Act and encourages drillers to follow the Canadian Ground Water Association’s Guidelines for Water Well Construction.

In order to enhance and formalize the existing groundwater program in Yukon, the Action Plan suggests developing and implementing an online process for the voluntary submission of water well drilling logs in the interim while a regulatory framework to make submissions mandatory is developed. In this project, information is data about the water well records.