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Vegetation Inventory - Whitehorse - 10k

Geomatics Yukon

    This feature delineates enhanced vegetation, forest and cover attributes for the Whitehorse, Yukon area at a scale of 1:10,000. The field work for the inventory was carried out during the winter of 2004/2005 with the project delivered by the...

    Timber Harvest Plans - 50k

    Geomatics Yukon

      The purpose of this feature class is to identify those areas that are in the process of Timber Harvest Planning, process being a continuum from proposed plan through to approval and eventually plan expiration. Subsection 20(3) of the Forest...

      Oil and Gas Grid Units

      Geomatics Yukon

        This is the Grid Unit portion of the Oil and Gas Land Division System. This is a grid system consisting of three sections, Area, Section and Unit used to describe Yukon Oil and Gas Dispositions, Leases and Licences. Every Grid Section shall be...

        YESAA Assessment Districts - 250k

        Geomatics Yukon

          Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Act (YESAA) Assesment District boundaries. This data set was created at a scale of 1:250,000 from metes and bounds provided in the /MINISTERIAL ORDER ESTABLISHING ASSESSMENT DISTRICT BOUNDARIES...

          Yukon Tourism Regions

          Geomatics Yukon

            This dataset divides Yukon into 9 tourism regions which are used to track wilderness tourism statistics. Note that the Yukon Vacation Planner divides Yukon into 8 similar tourism regions with somewhat different boundaries.

            Oil and Gas Wells - 50k

            Geomatics Yukon

              Point location of all historic and active oil and gas wells in the Yukon. This file includes unique identifier, region, classification, status, well name, date drilled, related company and product.

              Water Sites

              Geomatics Yukon

                The Adaptive Management Framework for Yukon placer mining is complemented by traditional knowledge and monitoring of water quality objectives, aquatic health, and economic health.The aquatic Health monitoring program is governed by the Aquatic...