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Land Parcels Line - Surveyed

Geomatics Yukon

    Surveyed Land Parcel Boundaries consist of the lines required to form the boundaries of the Land Parcels. COGO attributes are associated to the lines and depict the adjusted framework of the cadastral fabric.

    First Nation Traditional Territories - 250k

    Geomatics Yukon

      Traditional territories of Yukon first nations and settlement areas of Inuvialuit and Tetlit Gwich'in within the Yukon Territory. A Traditional Territory is an area of the Yukon that the people of a First Nation have traditionally used. A First...

      YESAA Mapped Communities - 50k

      Geomatics Yukon

        This data set was created upon direction from Yukon Government, DIAND, Yukon Region and CYFN following consultations with citizens of Carcross, Ross River, Old Crow and Beaver Creek. The maps for Burwash Landing, Destruction Bay, Pelly Crossing...

        Watercourses Whitehorse - 10k

        Geomatics Yukon

          The field work for the inventory was carried out during the winter of 2004/2005 with the project delivered by the contractor in October 2005. Delineation was based on 1:10,000 black and white photography acquired by the City of Whitehorse in 2001...

          Bioclimate Zones and Subzones

          Geomatics Yukon

            Yukon Bioclimate Zones and Subzones Version 1.0 is derived from a 30 m Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and a set of “rule-polygons”. Each rule-polygon contains attributes that define upper and lower elevation limits of the bioclimate zone/subzone(s...