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Oil and Gas Request for Postings - 50k

Geomatics Yukon

    The oil and gas disposition process is initiated when a Request for Posting (RFP) is received by Oil and Gas Resources branch of Yukon Government. Requests for Postings can be submitted any time and are examined twice per year (according to the...

    Assessment Report Footprints

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      The Yukon Mining Assessment Report Footprints database contains over 7,500 reports documenting mineral exploration activity in Yukon since the 1950s. The majority fo these records are open to the public, more recent reports are confidential. Each...

      Mineral Claims Line - Surveyed

      Geomatics Yukon

        A Suveyed Sub-Surface Area Object that represents the spatial extent of a mineral claim to which sub-surface rights can be registered. In the Yukon,mineral claims can be classified as Quartz or Placer Claims, where as in other regions they are...

        Watercourses - 1M

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          Atlas of Canada National Frameworks data are standardized national coverages of commonly used geospatial datasets at the 1:1 000 000 scale. The Drainage Network Skeleton dataset is comprised of linear features: single line rivers, flow lines...


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            Yukon Bedrock Geology MapThis update of the Yukon bedrock geology map builds upon the previous compilation by Gordey and Makepeace (1999, 2001). It includes new, detailed bedrock geology maps and regional compilations that have been published by...

            Land Parcels Polygon - Surveyed

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              Surveyed Land Parcel are real property object that represents the spatial extent of a lot or parcel of land against which rights and interests may be registered. Land Parcel with a parcel status of /Active/ form the current cadastral fabric.