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Community Boundaries

Geomatics Yukon

    This file is made up of several types of boundaries being Municipal, Development Area Regulations, Land Claims Final Agreement, Self Government Agreement, Memorandum of Understanding, Local Area Plans, and Community Plans. Some areas have more...

    Roadside barriers - 25k

    Geomatics Yukon

      Roadside barriers are physical obstructions to retain vehicles that have left the travelling lane on the road. In the Yukon, the most common barriers are W-beam (also known as guiderail) and concrete roadside barrier (CRB, also known as jersey...

      Runway Points - 25k

      Geomatics Yukon

        The purpose of this dataset is to provide maintained runway locations as points. These points are the centroids of the Runway_Poly_25k dataset. Runways include airports, aerodromes, and airstrips managed by Transportation Aviation Yukon. The...

        UTM Zones

        Geomatics Yukon

          World UTM Zones represents the Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) Zones of the world. Distributed from GeoYukon [1] by the Government of Yukon [2] . Discover more digital map data and interactive maps from Yukon's digital map data...