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Yukon Mining & Exploration Overview 1999

Yukon Geological Survey

    Yukon mining and exploration overview - 1999 is published as a stand-alone report as well as within the larger publication Yukon Exploration and Geology 1999. It gives a comprehensive overview of mining and exploration activity in the Yukon,...

    Surficial Geology Map Index

    Yukon Geological Survey

      This GIS dataset is a Yukon-wide compilation of map footprints and associated citation data for 175 published and unpublished surficial geology maps that were incorporated into the Yukon digital surficial geology compilation (Release 1). The maps...

      Yukon Mineral Deposits 2007

      Yukon Geological Survey

        The following tables have been compiled from information derived from the Yukon MINFILE 2005 A database of mineral occurrences (Deklerk and Traynor, 2005). Reserve and resource figures presented are not calculated by Yukon MINFILE personnel, but...

        Yukon Exploration and Geology 2006

        Yukon Geological Survey

          The 2006 volume has four parts. The first - Mineral Industry - includes overviews of hardrock and placer mining, development and exploration in the Territory as well as a summary of the Yukon Mining Incentives Program. The second part -...

          Yukon Exploration 1988

          Yukon Geological Survey

            This volume provides details of exploration and mining activity in Yukon for 1988, including placer mining. It discusses the geology of Yukon mineral deposits and mineral districts under active investigation and provides a summary of exploration...