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YEC Power substations

Geomatics Yukon

    Yukon Energy Corporation (YEC) Power S ubstations are the locations where electrical power is transformed, generally from high to low voltage. This data was provided by YEC and will be updated when new substations are constructed. Distributed...

    Yukon Borders - Surveyed

    Geomatics Yukon

      Surveyed Borders are an Administrative Land Object that represents the spatial limits of a jurisdiction that is created and managed as a separate entity within the ICM database. In the original ICM dataset from NRCAN, this feature class is called...

      Runway Points - 25k

      Geomatics Yukon

        The purpose of this dataset is to provide maintained runway locations as points. These points are the centroids of the Runway_Poly_25k dataset. Runways include airports, aerodromes, and airstrips managed by Transportation Aviation Yukon. The...

        Game Management Areas - 250k

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          Game Management Areas (GMAs) are legal boundaries that define an area within which big game management objectives can be met through the setting of area-specific regulations. In other words, GMAs are used to manage Yukon wildlife species. GMAs...

          ORV Trail plans - 50k

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            Off Road Vehicle (ORV) Trail Plan show the trails (whether individually or by zone) within the off-road vehicle management area or the part of the off-road vehicle management area for which a trail plan is developed, on which an off-road vehicle...