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Local Advisory Areas

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    Unincorporated areas can have Advisory or Hamlet Councils that carry out an advisory role for the Local Advisory Area and is the community voice in the process of developing plans.

    Water Licences

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      Under the Yukon Waters Act,the Yukon Water Board issues water use licences for the use of water and/or the deposit of waste to water. To see the licences, and their reports, please visit Waterline, our online registry at

      Oil and Gas Grid Areas

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        This is the Grid Area portion of the Oil and Gas Land Division System. This is a grid system consisting of three sections, Area, Section and Unit used to discribe Yukon Oil and Gas Dispositions, Leases and Licences. A Grid area shall be bounded...

        Agriculture Land Dispositions

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          Land under administration and control of Government of Yukon, Department of Energy, Mines and Resources (EMR), Agriculture Branch. Includes all dispositions of agricultural land: Agreement for Sale: A contract between two or more parties to sell...

          Roads Ferry - 50k - Canvec

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            Transport Features is composed of, among others, the National Road Network (NRN) and the National Railway Network (NRWN). Transport Features entities are: Nautical Facility, Track Segment, Track Junction, Railway Station, Track Crossing, Track...

            First Nation Settlement Lands - Surveyed

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              Surveyed Cadastral Framework for Yukon First Nations and Tetlit Gwich'in settlement lands including rural blocks (R-block) and Site specific (S-sites) lands of the First Nations that have ratified their agreements. Settlement land is land...

              Land Notations

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                A Notation is used to identify an interest in land under administration and control of Government of Yukon for a specific purpose by an interested party, usually an other Government Department (OGD). The interest may be a concern for public...