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Oil and Gas Request for Postings - 50k

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    The oil and gas disposition process is initiated when a Request for Posting (RFP) is received by Oil and Gas Resources branch of Yukon Government. Requests for Postings can be submitted any time and are examined twice per year (according to the...

    Yukon Electoral Districts 2008

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      Electoral districts as defined by the /Electoral Districts Boundaries Act/ (SY 2008, c. 14) as amended. The linework was created by interpreting the /Electoral Districts Boundaries Act/ (SY 2008, c. 14) using thethe 1:50 000 scale national...


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        Yukon Bedrock Geology MapThis update of the Yukon bedrock geology map builds upon the previous compilation by Gordey and Makepeace (1999, 2001). It includes new, detailed bedrock geology maps and regional compilations that have been published by...

        Road Junctions - 50k - Canvec

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          Transport Features is composed of, among others, the National Road Network (NRN) and the National Railway Network (NRWN). Transport Features entities are: Nautical Facility, Track Segment, Track Junction, Railway Station, Track Crossing, Track...

          Aquatic Health Monitoring Sites

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            The Adaptive Management Framework for Yukon placer mining is complemented by traditionalknowledge and monitoring of water quality objectives, aquatic health, and economic health.The aquatic health monitoring program is governed by the Aquatic...

            Physiographic Regions - 250k

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              The Yukon Territory is underlain by a great variety of rock types ranging in age from Early Proterozoic to Recent and representing diverse environments including epicratonic basins, subsiding shelves, foreland basins, island arcs and deep ocean...