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Wetlands - 10k

Geomatics Yukon

    CryoGeographic Consulting, in association with Palmer Environmental Consulting Group Inc., provided Yukon Energy, Mines and Resources and Yukon Environment with the results of the mapping and classification of wetlands and adjacent upland habitat...

    Large Public Drinking Water Systems

    Geomatics Yukon

      This dataset is a record of existing data related to public drinking water systems and source water protection in Yukon and contains:• Spatial data including well and source water locations, well capture zones; and• Georeferenced metadata...

      Forest Openings

      Geomatics Yukon

        This coverage identifies logged areas (cutblocks, or openings). These areas are mapped by differentially corrected GPS. Attributes include type of harvest, species cut, and retention type.

        Mining and Exploration Activities

        Geomatics Yukon

          This dataset is populated and maintained my the Minerals Branch of Yukon Geological Survey. The collect and compile yearly highlights of mining and exploration activity in Yukon.For questions related to the dataset, please contact scott.casselman...


          Geomatics Yukon

            The framework of the Cordilleran orogen of northwestern North America is commonly depicted as a ‘collage’ of terranes – crustal blocks containing records of a variety of geodynamic environments including continental fragments, pieces of island...

            Yukon and Adjoining Land Mass

            Geomatics Yukon

              This dataset was created to give a regional overview of Yukon and the surrounding jurisdictions for visual representation only. The borders are not intended to provide a legal representation of the Yukon border. The data is referenced at...

              Permanent Sampling Plots

              Geomatics Yukon

                Locations of Forest Management Branch Permanent Sample Plots. The plots are measured every 5 years to compile growth and yield information across the many forest types and regions of the Yukon.

                Vegetation Inventory - Whitehorse - 10k

                Geomatics Yukon

                  This feature delineates enhanced vegetation, forest and cover attributes for the Whitehorse, Yukon area at a scale of 1:10,000. The field work for the inventory was carried out during the winter of 2004/2005 with the project delivered by the...