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Forest Resources Management Plans - 250k

The purpose of this feature class is to identify the individual annual allowable cut and annual limit areas as referred to in the Forest Resources Act subsection 20(2) and 31(10 of the Forest Resources Regulation). Where there is no approved Forest Resources Management Plan (FRMP) for an area, forest resources harvesting can only be authorized in an amount less than that prescribed by regulation for that area. The Forest Resources Regulation subsection 31(1) establishes the annual limits for harvesting timber resources for areas without an FRMP. These areas are referred to as the Annual Limit Regions in Schedule 1 of the Regulation titled Timber Harvesting Areas. These annual limits are set as the annual allowable cut for each of the areas, until such time as a Forest Resources Management Plan is approved for that area.

Distributed from GeoYukon by the Government of Yukon . Discover more digital map data and interactive maps from Yukon's digital map data collection.

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