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OIC - Placer Mining Act

Orders in Council (OIC) are regulations or legislative orders in relation to and authorized by an existing Act. This table identifies Yukon lands withdrawn from disposal, usually by Territorial Order in Council. In Corporate Spatial Warehouse (CSW) data is split out into spatial views by Act under which orders are authorized. The tables are comprehensive and include both active and expired orders. Spatial views show only the active data.

In this table and spatial views, Regulations by Order in Council (OIC) are spatially represented to provide clarity regarding Yukon lands withdrawn from disposal. Spatial data is viewed by the Act under which the order is authorized. Not all orders are for withdrawal, different levels of withdrawal are common and not detailed in GIS attributes. It is important to read OIC documents for specific details ( ).

Distributed from GeoYukon by the Government of Yukon . Discover more digital map data and interactive maps from Yukon's digital map data collection.

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