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Yukon Canadian Heritage Rivers

Geomatics Yukon

    The Canadian Heritage Rivers System (CHRS) is Canada's national river conservation program. Established in 1984, the CHRS gives national recognition to Canada's outstanding rivers and encourages their longterm management to conserve their natural...

    Wilderness Tourism Activities

    Geomatics Yukon

      This dataset identifies locations of wilderness and recreation tourism activities.This is not a complete or up to date dataset. Data was collected in 2009.The locations were collected through interviews. Locations and areas were indicated on...

      Personal Use Fuelwood Areas - 50k

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        This feature class identifies active areas designated for personal use woodcutting where harvesting dead or downed fuelwood can occur for purposes such as home heating. Certain areas have seasonal restrictions or additional terms and conditions....

        Yukon Tourism Regions

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          This dataset divides Yukon into 9 tourism regions which are used to track wilderness tourism statistics. Note that the Yukon Vacation Planner divides Yukon into 8 similar tourism regions with somewhat different boundaries.

          Forest Resources Manangement Plans - 250k

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            The purpose of this feature class is to identify the individual annual allowable cut and annual limit areas as referred to in the Forest Resources Act subsection 20(2) and 31(10 of the Forest Resources Regulation). Where there is no approved...