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Bioclimate Zones and Subzones

Geomatics Yukon

    Yukon Bioclimate Zones and Subzones Version 1.0 is derived from a 30 m Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and a set of “rule-polygons”. Each rule-polygon contains attributes that define upper and lower elevation limits of the bioclimate zone/subzone(s...

    Vegetation Inventory Annotation - 40k

    Geomatics Yukon

      This feature displays annotation codes for easy display of vegetation inventory polygons. Used in conjunction with the data set for Vegetation Inventory Poly 40K, this dataset shows labels describing the contents of each forest inventory polygon...

      Forest Health Aerial Overview - 50k

      Geomatics Yukon

        This feature delineates forest health disturbances which includes Abiotic and Biotic forest health agents in the Yukon at a scale of 1:100,000. It is a management level forest health overview survey (as opposed to an operational level) - meaning...