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Broad Ecosystem Units - West Central Region

Broad Ecosystem Units were mapped using predictive modeling methods from various data sources (ranging from 1:50,000 to 1:250,000 in scale) and are referenced to the CanVec digital spatial framework (1:50,000). Broad Ecosystem Units (BEU) are a level in the Yukon bioclimate ecosystem classification system that represents areas with similar broad vegetation communities, terrain type (soils and topography) within bioclimate zones. Broad Ecosystem Units are described in the accompanying report "Regional Ecosystems of West-Central Yukon, Part 1: Ecosystem descriptions ".The intended application for mapped broad ecosystem units is 1:100,000 or smaller (1:100,000 - 1:250,000 scale) - interpretations derived from the map products should not be applied at more detailed scales, even though the resultant 30m raster map allows users to view results at more detailed resolutions. With new information, boundaries and designations of Broad Ecosystem Units can change. Updates to Broad Ecosystem Units occur only periodically. For the most current information, or if you have questions, please contact the Ecological and Landscape Classification Program ([email protected]).

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