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Regional stream sediment geochemical data, Glenlyon area, central Yukon (NTS 105K & L)

This data package contains results for parts of the Glenlyon survey area (NTS 105K west and 105L). This information has been provided in a variety of digital formats. PDF files include survey descriptions and details regarding methods, analytical data listings and summary statistics. Raw digital data of original field and analytical information plus new reanalysis results are included in Microsoft?Excel (XLS) format.
NGR surveys were originally conducted in the Glenlyon map area in 1988 and covered parts of NTS map sheets 105K and L (Friske and Hornbrook, 1989). Stream sediment and water samples were collected from a total of 1378 sample sites. The work was undertaken by the GSC in conjunction with the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, and the Government of Yukon under the Canada-Yukon Mineral Development Agreement (1985-1989).
As part of the 2011 Yukon Database Upgrade Project, original material collected from 1096 sample sites were selected for reanalysis. In 2014, material from the remaining 282 samples sites was selected for reanalysis. Representative 2 gram splits were successfully recovered from a total of 1460 samples. Due to a deficiency of available material, 1 sample was not recovered. The samples were delivered to Bureau Veritas Commodities Canada Ltd. (Vancouver) and were analyzed by an ultra-trace aqua-regia digestion ICP-MS package for 53 elements.

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