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Yukon Sulphide Pb and S Isotope Compilation

This compilation includes S (1251 analyses) and Pb (1622 analyses) isotopic data from nearly 450 mineral occurrences. Approximately 300 of these occurrences are located in Yukon and the remainder are located in British Columbia, Alaska or Northwest Territories. To facilitate data interpretation, a hierarchical deposit model scheme and mineralization age are ascribed to each occurrence.

The Pb isotope portion of this compilation builds upon the compilation by Collin Godwin (1988) that was subsequently maintained by the University of British Columbia. Data from Alaska are primarily from the Gaccetta and Church (1989) compilation.

This dataset is designed to be used in conjunction with a GIS platform and as such is presented here as a "flat file" (i.e., shapefile, geodatabase and text formats). The simple data structure allows for easier integration into GIS platforms and greater spatial querying of the data.

This sulphide isotope database will be subject to periodic updates as new data are acquired through ongoing mapping, exploration and other research activities. Any errors, omissions or new data known to users should be reported to the Yukon Geological Survey. Your feedback contributes to improving the accuracy of the geoscience databases for Yukon.

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Gaccetta, J.D. and Church, S.E., 1989. Lead isotope database for sulfide occurrences from Alaska. USGS Open-File 89-688, p. 60.

Godwin, C.I., Gabites, J.E. and Andrew, A., 1988. Leadtable: A Galena lead isotope database for the Canadian Cordillera, with a guide to its use by explorationists. British Columbia Mineral Resources Division, Geological Survey Branch, Paper 1988-4, p. 1-24.

Distributed from GeoYukon by the Government of Yukon .

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