About open information

What is open information?

Open information is defined as unstructured digital information that has been created in free-form text using common desktop applications such as email, word-processing or presentation software.

The Yukon government collects, creates and stores a considerable amount of information. This information is used to administer programs and services, inform policy development and make evidence-based decisions while ensuring accountability to the public.

Access and availability to information is a cornerstone of a modern, accountable and open government.

What is in this portal?

Open information includes publications that departments and corporations have made available for public release prior to the new, modernized Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (ATIPP) and regulations coming into force.

After the ATIPP Act and regulations are in force, the Yukon government will begin the process of adding more publications to this portal as mandated in the ATIPP Act.

We will follow a phased approach, with departments and corporations providing the following publications.

ImplementationPublication ATIPP Act Reference
Phase 1Ministerial Bodies’ organizational structure (organizational charts).39 (a)(i)
Phase 1The public bodies’ responsibilities and functions in respect of each of its organizational components.39 (a)(ii)
Phase 1Existing Auditor’s final reports from last 3 years and all new Auditor final reports moving forward.39 (b)(iii)
Phase 2Current manuals and policy statements that the department head requires employees (other than service providers) of the public body to use or adhere to in carrying out a program or activity.39 (a)(iii)
Phase 2Statistical surveys39 (b)(ii)
Phase 2Description of each type or class of information or record that the public body uses in the course of carrying out each of its programs or activities.39 (a)(iv)
Phase 2Develop inventory of information or a record that is in the public interest to make available to the public without requiring an access request.39 c
Phase 2Develop inventory of a final report, of a type other than an auditor’s final audit report, on the performance or efficiency of the public body or the performance or efficiency of a program or activity.39 (b)(iv)
Phase 3Public opinion polls and research study of public opinion.39 (b)(i)
Phase 3Information or a record held by the public body that is in the public interest to make available to the public without requiring that an access request for the information or record be submitted39 c
Phase 3Final Performance reports other than an auditor’s report on the efficiency of a department, program or activity, a specialized service or a data-linking activity of the public body39 (b)(iv)
Phase 3Final report from any public body established for the purpose of providing advice or recommendations to the public body.39 (b)(v)
Phase 3An appraisal report in relation to the value or condition of public property39 (b)(iv)

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