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Bear - wildlife key area - 250k

Wildlife Key Areas (WKA) are locations used by wildlife for critical, seasonal life functions. WKAs are identified by interpreting observed locations of wildlife at key times of year, not through intensive habitat assessment. Polygons derived from interviews with locals and from GIS interpretation of wildlife/habitat surveys. GIS interpretation follows criteria specific for taxon and/or populations of taxon. Key Areas are based on observed locations of wildlife at key times of year, not on habitat assessment. With new information, boundaries and designations of Key Areas can change and additional Key Areas can be identified. Furthermore, Key Areas are not the only sites important for wildlife. Other information sources can identify other sites important for wildlife for reasons outside the scope of the WKA Inventory Program. Updates to Key Areas occur only periodically. For the most current information, please consult with the Regional Biologist for your area of interest. If you have questions or would like to contribute to the WKA database, please contact the WKA Inventory Program ( [email protected] ).

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