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Community Hazards - Faro - 20k

Landscape hazard maps were completed as part of a community hazards mapping program coordinated by the Northern Climate ExChange (Yukon Research Centre, Yukon College). Potential landscape hazards were assessed under changing future conditions by incorporating a variety of data sets, including surficial geology, topography (slope and aspect), permafrost distribution, site-specific permafrost data (e.g. ground penetrating radar, electrical resistivity tomography and borehole data), analyses of past hydrological and climatological trends, and future climate projections. The landscape hazard map identifies existing and potential geological hazards such as landslides, permafrost stability and flooding. The hazard map is presented in stoplight colours to provide an intuitive tool for community decision makers aiming to incorporate an adaptation planning framework into existing land use management practices. Detailed descriptions of data inputs and hazard analysis methodology are presented in an accompanying report (available for download from https://data.geology.gov.yk.ca/Reference/68410 ). An accompanying surficial geological map also describes detailed landscape characteristics such as surface landscape features, sediment texture, genetic material, surface expression and geomorphological processes (available for download from https://data.geology.gov.yk.ca/Reference/68410 ).

Distributed from GeoYukon by the Government of Yukon . Discover more digital map data and interactive maps from Yukon's digital map data collection.

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