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Placer Streams Classification - 50k

The dataset contains data for watercourses (locations), watercourse gradient (based on elevation), water quality (total suspended solids), currently known Chinook and chum salmon spawning areas, areas of special consideration (fisheries or fish utilization by man) and previous placer mining development. The dataset covers 18 watersheds within the Yukon Territory and employs a single-line hydraulic network to connect all identified NTDB watercourse reaches. Spatial data for watercourses, gradient (based on elevation), water quality (total suspended solids), currently known Chinook and chum salmon spawning areas and previous placer mining development have been corrected to produce an integrated, topologically connected dataset. The dataset contains approximately 1,153,179 reach segments and over 80,000 water bodies. The dataset is used by a predictive analysis model in order to identify a /score/ for individual stream reaches and watersheds that ultimately identifies fish habitat suitability based on the key environmental indicators. The dataset extent is limited within 18 watershed boundaries in the Yukon Territory. Minor overlap exists outside of Yukon geopolitical boundaries in order to maintain hydraulic networks for watersheds that flow from or through Alaska and British Columbia. The following watersheds form the principle boundaries of the dataset: Big Creek, Big Salmon River, Forty Mile River Indian River, Klondike River, Mayo River McQuesten River, Nisutlin River, Nordenskiold River Pelly River, Sixty Mile River, Southern Lakes (Yukon) Stewart River, White River*, Yukon River North Yukon River South, Alsek River, Liard River *Note - A small portion of the headwaters of the Tanana River (Yukon) watershed is associated within the boundaries of the White River watershed.

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Wednesday, December 31, 1969 - 16:00
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