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Roads Ferry - 50k - Canvec

Transport Features is composed of, among others, the National Road Network (NRN) and the National Railway Network (NRWN). Transport Features entities are: Nautical Facility, Track Segment, Track Junction, Railway Station, Track Crossing, Track Marker Post, Track Structure, Rail Ferry, Road Segment, Road Ferry, Road Junction, Blocked Passage, Toll Point, Aerial Cableway, Footbridge, Trail, Navigational Aid, Marina, and Runway. CanVec is a digital cartographic reference product of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan). It originates from the best available data sources covering Canadian territory, offers quality topographical information in vector format and complies with international geomatics standards. CanVec is a multi-source product coming mainly from the National Topographic Data Base (NTDB), the Mapping the North process conducted by the Canada Center for Mapping and Earth Observation (CCMEO), the Atlas of Canada data, the GeoBase initiative and the data update using satellite imagery coverage (e.g. Landsat 7, Spot, Radarsat, etc.).

maps from Yukon's digital map data collection.

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