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Seesaw for Schools

Privacy Impact Assessment #: EDU-PIA-2024-02
Public Body Name : Education
Date of Approval: Monday, May 6, 2024

The Yukon Department of Education (DOE) is replacing their current online learning tool, FreshGrade, with Seesaw for Schools. Similar to FreshGrade, Seesaw is a digital portfolio tool that is provided by Seesaw Learning. Seesaw is a web-based software used to manage student portfolios and share student work and progress with parents and guardians.
The DOE has initiated this PIA to evaluate the privacy considerations for its intended use of Seesaw before the DOE purchases Seesaw and begins implementing Seesaw in Yukon schools. This assessment is based on the information provided by Seesaw Learning and the DOE's expected use of Seesaw.
The DOE intends to use Seesaw in Yukon elementary schools. In future, the use of Seesaw may also be expanded to secondary schools. Should the DOE begin using Seesaw in secondary schools, the application and use of Seesaw is expected to remain the same as with elementary schools, however, any substantive changes should be documented in PIA Addendum or similar document.

Yukon's Student Information System (Aspen) - PIA Refresh 2023

Privacy Impact Assessment #: EDU-PIA-2024-03
Public Body Name : Education
Date of Approval: Monday, May 6, 2024

This initiative is an update to a previously completed (2017) Aspen PIA. It is being refreshed to reflect the additional sharing of student demographic data with Health and Social Services, the updated cloud-hosted solution, and to reflect updated authorities under the new ATIPP Act.
The Yukon Student Information System (ASPEN) is a web-based student information system (SIS) that is used to collect and store student data and records for all Yukon elementary and secondary school students. ASPEN is a shared SIS for use by schools in British Columbia and Yukon. The SIS is a hosted, web-based service built upon the Follett ASPEN SIS software service and is provided by Fujitsu Consulting (Canada) (Fujitsu). ASPEN is known as "MyEducation" in B.C. As B.C. holds the contracts with Fujitsu, some documents may refer to MyEducation, rather than ASPEN.
ASPEN provides a universal data management system that is designed to:
* create an integrated network to manage school and student information across Yukon;
* streamline the administrative processes used by schools to record student attendance and achievement; and
* maintain a Yukon-wide student registry and electronic permanent record.
The core functions of ASPEN include the management of student demographics, enrolment and attendance, programs and courses, student achievement, individual education and learning plans, and reports. ASPEN also includes a module that tracks individual student credits required for graduation. A single record is maintained for each student, which is available only to authorized users associated with the school providing educational services to each student.

Sport & Recreation Use of Checkbox

Privacy Impact Assessment #: CS-PIA-2024-02
Public Body Name : Community Services
Date of Approval: Tuesday, April 30, 2024

The reporting and application forms for the Sport and Recreation Branch's (SARB) suit of grants will be updated by shifting to the use of Checkbox. The Checkbox will likewise be used for registration/sign-up forms and stakeholder/client surveys. This also includes the shift of the Foundations and Podium Pathway grants from the Drupal online format to Checkbox, as well as migrating PDF grant forms to Checkbox. This addresses challenges encountered when piloting the Drupal system for the 2022 intake. The Checkbox allows processes for application and reporting easier for the grant recipients as well as for the adjudication and review committees.

Dragon Medical One

Privacy Impact Assessment #: HSS-PIA-2024-03
Public Body Name : Health and Social Services
Date of Approval: Tuesday, April 30, 2024

This initiative is for the use of Nuance's Dragon Medical One (DMO) by Yukon Government, Department of Health and Social Services (HSS). DMO is a cloud-based speech recognition and dictation software that converts speech into text and is used by HSS to support client interactions in clinical settings.
Care Provider's dictation is immediately transcribed to text on their HSS workstation and sent directly into the user interface of the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system, allowing Care Providers to speak rather than manually type information about their clients. By using DMO in care settings, Care Providers can complete reports in real-time with self-editing capabilities and have access to finalized reports in HSS EMRs.
While the purpose of the PIA is to document the translation to text into client EMRs, the DMO product may also be used by HSS employees to translate to text for other purposes beyond client interactions.

Electronic and Online Licensing System (POSSE)

Privacy Impact Assessment #: ENV-PIA-2024-03
Public Body Name : Environment
Date of Approval: Friday, April 5, 2024

The Department of Environment implemented an Electronic Online Licensing System (EOLS) in 2015. The purpose of electronic licensing is to enable Yukon citizens and visitors to acquire various licenses, permits, and other authorizations through a self-serve, account-based, online service. EOLS was also implemented to provide the department with account-based administration of licenses and permits, including issuing authorizations through application-review-approval processes and receive approved authorizations online through their client accounts.
The department is moving toward a digital process for license and permit applications. A digital process will streamline the application and issuing process and mitigate human error. Additional benefits for a digital process include but is not limited to: implementation structured security measures, automating processes, provide more accessibility and control over their personal information within POSSE and provide staff more accessibility to process applications.


Privacy Impact Assessment #: HSS-PIA-2024-02
Public Body Name : Health and Social Services
Date of Approval: Tuesday, April 2, 2024

This Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) is on the SafetyLine Application used by Yukon Government, Department of Health and Social Services (HSS). The SafetyLine application allows HSS to monitor the geo-location status of remote staff working alone or in hazardous situations, establishes automated check-in monitoring, and provides an emergency notification service, if required. SafetyLine will be installed and used on HSS owned cell phones provided to Continuing Care employees who work remotely or travel as part of their job role. Employee personal cell phones will not be used for these purposes - only work-issued devices.`

Remote Travel Program (Garmin in Reach Device)

Privacy Impact Assessment #: HPW-PIA-2024-05
Public Body Name : Highways and Public Works
Date of Approval: Thursday, March 28, 2024

The Capital Development and Major Projects branch of the Department of Highways and Public Works (HPW) identified a gap in the health and safety system of the branch for employees travelling outside of areas with cellular reception for the purpose of work. As a result of this gap analysis, a Remote Travel program was created to address these issues using framework and existing programs found within other YG departments. The project involves the use of Garmin in Reach Messenger devices with Global positioning systems (GPS) capabilities that allow staff to communicate in areas of the Yukon that lack cellular coverage for the purpose of work travel. This PIA ensures that the collection, use, disclosure, and retention of personal information necessary for the implementation of this program will be identified and that any potential privacy risks can be addressed by providing applicable privacy mitigating measures.

Yukon Government Spatial Data Information Platform (Update)

Privacy Impact Assessment #: HPW-PIA-2024-04
Public Body Name : Highways and Public Works
Date of Approval: Wednesday, March 27, 2024

This PIA is an update to the existing HPW-PIA-2023-10 covering the spatial data and the two distribution platforms currently on offer by the Geomatics Yukon unit in the eServices for citizens branch of the Yukon Government. The GeoYukon is an interactive mapping application containing the Government of Yukon's authoritative and current mapping data, provided as a free public service. With the current update, it will include the ArcGIS Online cloud hosting platform for sharing web maps and web mapping applications using this link: https://yukon.maps.arcgis.com/.

Property Assessment and Tax Solution System (AtENT)

Privacy Impact Assessment #: CS-PIA-2024-01
Public Body Name : Community Services
Date of Approval: Wednesday, March 27, 2024

This initiative relates to the replacement of the current Property Assessment and Taxation office (PAT) systems, with a single, modern, end-to-end property assessment, valuation, and taxation platform for use within the Yukon Territory. The PAT office has determined a replacement system is needed, as there is concern regarding the future support of the mainframe infrastructure. The new system implemented is called the ATENT Assessment & Tax (ATENT system). It is a property assessment and tax solution that provides a web-based, GIS-enabled tool set to help agencies, such as PAT, manage appraiser business processes and the entire property tax life cycle. It is a comprehensive solution delivering a suite of tools for computer-aided mass appraisal, personal property valuation, assessment administration, and tax billing.

Training Programs - Federal International Student Program - Implementing Federal Minister Instructions for Provincial Attestation Letter

Privacy Impact Assessment #: EDU-PIA-2024-01
Public Body Name : Education
Date of Approval: Friday, March 22, 2024

The federal government, through its International Student Program (ISP) under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) and its regulation from the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Yukon Government Department of Education. The purpose of the program is to facilitate entry of international students for the primary purpose of studying in Canada. The MOU acknowledges that information sharing between the federal and territorial government is required to administer the program. In addition, this PIA addresses the privacy considerations for using a Yukon Government SharePoint Collab Site with role-based limited permissions for Designated Learning Institution (DLI) external parties to request and for Education to issue the Provincial Attestation Letters (PALs) that contain personal information of foreign national applicants intending to study at a Yukon DLI.